A business unit Mono-Logistik was established as a logistics department providing services to the MONO group only.

In 1995 Mono-Logistik was registered at the Latvian Register of Enterprises as an independent unit of the MONO Group.

At the moment as a result of a long-term service to our clients we have gained experience in dealing with cargos of vast complexity and unique features of services.

A principle „the entire service by one provider” is a basis of our service organization, which allows us providing the most effective cooperation of a logistics operator and a customer.

We offer fast and effective logistics solutions satisfying variable customers’ demand and supporting their purchase, production or sales activities.

We are proud to say: we do not treat our customers or cargos as negligible or unfavorable ones. We can entrust us any cargo to handle, deliver via any preferable route and we will do our best to offer maximum quality at the best value.


  • SIA “MONO” branch “Mono-Logistik”,
  • Cesvaines str. 15, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia
  • +371 67775655
  • +371 67775657
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