Wholesale warehouse

Wholesale warehouse

Warehouse and inventory management is an important part of a business automation of any produce or trading company. Warehouse inventory control is one of the tasks such an enterprise faces. Mono-Logistik has a long-term experience in this field. An experienced staff and a warehouse management system operated at our warehouses allow us offering a qualitative service of a warehouse to our customers, in spite of any specific character and quantity of item names, forming a storehouse flow and inventories stored.

An information book is being kept for every customer, containing the detailed data of the customer’ s goods, such as packaging hierarchy for every item name, dimensions and weights of any package of the concrete item, specific parameters of customs and excise accounting and so on.

The goods are received by quantity and assortment with quality registration and the customer’ s preferred control characteristic, such as shelf life expiration, date of production etc.

The goods are allocated automatically, applying allocation strategies, as well as taking into account specific requirements to the goods storage, such as temperature requirements, stacking opportunities etc.

We provide:

  • inventory control on every item name with the different parameter sorting options and level of detalization, e.g. packaging type, shelf life expiration or production dates, batch numbers, dates of receipt, excise stamp range etc;
  • sorting or examining of goods by the customer preferred criteria;
  • labelling of the goods with product labels, annotations, excise stamps etc;
  • goods picking for shipment orders in FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LEFO modes;
  • packing, batching, labelling, aggregation of the orders for routes;
  • packing documents for the shipment consignments containing data on every cargo article and packaging;
  • annual, random and cycle inventorying on the customer’s order.


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