Customs warehouse and customs broker

Customs warehouse and customs broker

Having the appropriate license and all the necessary permissions we offer all the opportunities of Cargo terminal and Wholesale warehouse in the customs storage mode to our customers.

Since we have full set of customs licenses and permissions, we can execute all the import, export and transit procedures as a summary clearance, as well as draw up import to EU with the postponed payments of import tax and sealing cargo vehicles without involving customs staff in export and transit procedures.

Taking into account our long-term experience, as well as high level of performance, the Customs Office of the Republic of Latvia has officially acknowledged our status of importer/exporter, allowing us to draw up customs documents for EU import and export independently, i.e. without involving customs staff.

Taking into account all above-mentioned, our qualified staff with a long-term experience draws up customs, accompanies the documents and fills them in with a maximum quality and as soon as possible.


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