Freight vehicles

Euro canvas Loading capacity: 20-24 ton Width: 250 cm Length: 1360 cm Height: 270 cm Volume: 92 m3 Capacity, europallet: 33 pallets The sizes vary, but basic volume is 92…

Types of containers

20 foot standard container Container 20" х 8" х 8"6" Tare weight, kg 2 200 Load weight, kg 21 700 Volume, m3 33,3   External dimension Internal dimension Door aperture…

Types of wagons

Covered wagon 11-066 4-axle covered wagon (with metal front wall) Capacity 66 ton Weight 23 ton Volume 120 m3   11-066-1 4-axle all-metal covered wagon Capacity 68 ton Weight 22,8…

Cargo marking symbols

Designation Symbol Explanation Fragile, handle with care The symbol should be applied to easily broken cargoes. Cargoes marked with this symbol should be handled carefully and should never be tipped…


Incoterms (International commerce terms) — are an internationally recognized standard glossary identifying unambiguous meaning of the most used terms of trade, first of all defining franco responsibility transition from the seller…


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