Management system

Management system

An integrated enterprise management system, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management system (WMS) is being effectively used at the enterprise since 2009

An address storage system is used for all storage of the goods. All warehouse operations with goods are effected using RFT-scanners, which are controlled by WMS; data exchange between WMS and user takes place in an online mode.

Such technology allows controlling and correcting the process of a storehouse flow with maximum efficiency at all stages, from the moment when the information is received from the client about the planned receipt of shipment of the goods to the goods allocation optimization in all storage areas after the goods were received or shipped.

To generate data reporting for the state institutions the system provides an automatic tracking of the inventories of every client, as well as simultaneous customs or excise accountancy for the goods stored in the customs or excise mode. The actual three synchronized accountancies allow us serving our clients in any necessary mode:

The system allows a remote connection for receiving reports on the inventories status, receipt and shipment results, as well as online monitoring of all the stages of a particular customer’s goods handling.

As a result -of a deep integration of the WMS into ERP, the system allows maximum optimization of the enterprise process management, as well as exchanging of the calculation data with the customers.


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