Additional services

Additional services

As we deliver goods of our customers, it is often necessary to provide extra services.


While importing, exporting and transiting there is often a necessity in certification or re-certification of the cargo transported. The staff of Mono-Logistik will help you with this. You will decrease your delivery costs, since your cargo won’t be delayed at the customs clearance point and will be delivered in time.


When delivering the goods there are various dangers possible: from natural disasters to accidents and robberies. We offer unlimited cargo insurance by its cost, and in case of cargo damage the compensation is calculated by the insurable value, not by LAFF, CMR, Bill of Lading etc.
It is worth to take care of the cargo safety, thus decreasing the transportation risks. We will help you with this.

Financial support

In cooperation with the bank Mono-Logistik offers a special set of logistical services, as well as funding export and import operations. Our customers can obtain funding as credit or credit line on the security of goods stored at the Mono-Logistik warehouse or being delivered under our control.


Escrow - deposition of other person’s money at the third party, that will be given out only after fulfillment of several conditions – it is a certain analogy of the letter of credit. Thus Escrow is a process when money is released for the benefit of one of the parties after fulfillment of obligations to other party. Usually it is used when two or more parties enter into the commodity-money relations. Mono-Logistik offers their clients Escrow service – it means the agent that helps implement the deal with goods which are arriving/stored/shipped through our warehouse.


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